How good is a FXO gateway Grandstream box?

Hello my work has a second location. We would like to link both locations with one Server. And we did so we have 3 phones in each location but would like to keep the analog lines from the second location. We was thinking about getting 8 Channel Fxo grandstream box. that was we can keep numbers in both locations. Was wondering how reliable is that grandstream box in relaying the analog line to the first location over the internet? Both internet connections are good 30mb down 30mb up with static ip addresses.

Well I would avoid that, they are difficult to configure and pretty slow answering a call. If you want a cheap and good one, try Dinstar DAG-1000-8O, easy to configure and many more functions that might come handy.

I installed 2 on a site for a customer and they are CRAP! I had to replace both as well as the GXP2160 phones, I put these in to save the customer some money and ended up going back to our usual equipment Patton fxo gateways & Yealink phones. I now stay away from all things Grandstream.


I have had luck with Grandstream FXO boxes, but I agree that Grandstream is in general a brand to avoid. Their deskphones are not nice to maintain, Yealink is also a low cost brand but I find their stuff much better designed and supported than Grandstream’s.

Atcom is a brand I like for FXO lines, I don’t use their PBX functionality, just trunk it to a FreePBX setup and they work well, are reliable and affordable.

Hello all Thank you. What I’m trying to do is my work we do clean up basements and we have a storage iplace with some analog phone lines people call it So when we are not there. We can not get the call. I’m looking to setup like a fxo gateway i heard that fxo gateways can be setup so i can line them lines to my home where my freepbx server is at. Problem is I’m not sure which one is good or cheap i have not a lot of money to put into one of these fxo gateways but not sure which one. I live in the USA.

It is almost always cheaper to “call forward always” your analog lines to a VOIP DID, no hardware needed and you can “port out” the number permanently when you know it is working.

Dicko you are right. But in this case I would like to call from that number as well there are some people i don’t want to have other numbers like my cellphone or my pbx numbers.

You can set your callerID(number) on outgoing calls to whatever you want with most VSP’s in the US. The effect is identical.

Okay that is a idea i will talk to the guy who also works with me. Sense he is paying for the phone bills lol

I talked to my friend i think we are going to get a fxo gateway. Because he wants extra lines when we are at home to be able to call out and receive the calls. Now the thing is which one to get?

Why not buy the Vega 50. Its manufactured and supported by Sangoma and helps support the FreePBX project.