How does underlying asterisk get upgraded in FPBX distro

I have installed FreePBX which includes Asterisk 11.7

I see that Asterisk 11.8 has been released. What is the best way to upgrade to the latest Asterisk? (I don’t see it listed in the modules section). Is a yum upgrade the right way?

View our wiki under FreePBX Distro updates

Also 11.8 was just released a couple hours ago by Digium. We usually lag 12-24 hours to test everything before we publish new RPMs so you should see something tomorrow or Web and a new release will be put out of 5.211.65-7 and 6.12.65-5

I found the upgrade scripts for the distro. They are version number 5.211.65-x, can I assume they are not tied to FreePBX v5.xx ?

I’m not actually going to upgrade to Ast 11.8 just yet - but I saw the upgrade announcement on the lists and got to thinking.

Read the wiki. It explains the numbering of the Distro.