How does SIP network really work?


I have a little question.

How to create a SIP TRUNK NETWORK and what cash or hardware/software needed to use my own trunk and set my own rate price?


Not a little question, a big question, but one without any detail at all, what have you already accomplished and what are you trying to ultimately do?

Just want to know how to setup trunk sip channel worldwide and offer my verry own trunking …

That’s just not going to work until you read the basics, start with the wiki linked above.

I dont know what you doing here but you didnt helped me at alll

And i dont know what you mean by wiki, i know alot if asterisk and freepbx, that not my question, i asked how to create my own SIP network, using instead of using sip trunk to telecom service from another company

If I was to do that, I’d follow steps 1, 2 and 3…:
1 create a reliable hosted PBX (with HA too) on FreePBX- some say VM… or AWS… maybe?
2 put it behind a good firewall/SBC
3 register a domain name and point a to ip address of the firewall/SBC

  • and then, you’re half way there :wink: as your users/extensions can already use it.


If you think that knowing a little of asterisk and FreePBX you can be an ITSP then from the start you are wrong. As Dicko said that is not going to work, specifically the part of asking “How can I be a Service provider” in a PBX forum.

First of all you dont use a B2BUA for give that kind of service. You need something like a SIP Proxy, then you need all the platforms/infrastructure to relay the service named as power backup station, HA/balance servers. The connection with the PSTN and so on…

Yeah, this is not an easy question to answer, in fact many new users think that moving things in a GUI made experts and can offer services as a big companies(see Elastix MT for example). If you are really into this project hire a consultant to create a reliable service and ask for a sizing of the project.

You have a couple of solutions to bypass “another company” , enum with might work for a very small percentage of the rest of the world or you will need to invest in an “exchange” membership for outbound calls, that will need an up front cost of a few hundred thousand dollars and a couple of million minutes a month to make it profitable, you will also need to find a broker that will supply you with phone numbers for inbound calls. There is no way asterisk of any flavor can handle that volume. Sip runs over the network, if you allow guest calls then you are already ready to accept calls to [email protected] you can rate the calls anyway you want, billing them is another issue. A2Billing kinda sorta works but is not for the feint of heart and still has possible security issues.

Try, they support resale of their SIP services. Still requires serious customer support.

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There’s a number of ways to do it. There are several service providers that will provide you with FreePBX in a cloud with PSTN connections plus phone numbers. This is the cheapest way and easiest as opposed to setting up and configuring your own server and network to connect to the Internet.

You will have to learn about setting up Asterisk and trunks, there’s lots of good resources on the Net. Unfortunately, if it was that easy to explainin a few paragraphs, everyone would be doing it. Start small and if it is a good business plan, it will grow.

You will need a method of setting your own rates and that’s where the billing software comes in. Billing software allows you to register users (clients) and set rates for the users traffic. The rates can be fixed or based on the number of calls or number of minutes or seconds. One billing software for Asterisk that I explored is A2Billing, it lets you internal bill to a company’s departments or act a service provider.