How does it works WebRTC in freepbx12?

Hi all,
in freepbx 5.211 I remember that I was able to enable WebRTC through extension settings, then the WebRTC phone was linked in ARI.

In freepbx 6.12 I have no settings option regarding WebRTC in extensions settings and I have no link to WebRTC in UCP

What I’m wrong?

  • Core module version 12.0.1beta9 or higher is required
  • User Control Panel module version 12.0.0beta7 or higher is required
  • FreePBX version 12.0.1beta34 or higher is required
    Do you have these installed?

And WebRTC enable and disable is now controlled in User management and make sure you also have webrtc module installed in FreePBX

•Core module version 12.0.1beta11
•User Control Panel module version 12.0.0beta13
•FreePBX version 12.0.1beta34

Do you have these installed?

WebRTC 12.0.0alpha7 is installed and enabled
I’m pretty sure that in user manager there isn’t nothing related to WebRTC

What version of Asterisk? Full Version please.

You must have also already created a certificate inside of Certificate Manager, meaning a Certificate Authority and a Certificate otherwise it won’t show you anything

My fault. I only created the CA. I didn’t create any certificate after.
Do I have to create a certificate for every extension or only one certificate for all?
Can I use any name in the BaeName certificate that I need to generate, or do I have to put the asterisk hostname?

thanks for your help

I haven’t tested this yet but I think you can use the same certificate over and over

You should use the asterisk hostname in the CA the other certificates can use whatever name you want. Without spaces (need to restrict that)

After that you should be able to go into Userman and select the certificate. No promises on it working though! WebRTC is all over the place!! The link for WebRTC will then appear in the presence state drop down (click “Select Actions”)