How does Camp on module Work?

We are running FreePBX and I am trying to get the Camp On Module to work correctly.

My understanding is that extension A calls extension B but B is busy. A disconnects the call and then dials the feature for a Camp on Request. When B disconnects their call the system is supposed to ring back A and then call B when A picks up.

However, this is not happening on our system. I have tried using the Camp On Request feature code and the toggle code but I have not been able to get it to work. Does anyone have a step by step instruction on how this is supposed to work and what I should be looking for in the CLI or hints to make sure it is working properly?

Logs of the failed call would be nice.

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I am not really seeing any failure on it. I am just looking for a step by step instruction in how it is supposed to be set up and used so i can make sure I am even doing it right.