How do you create a USB Drive that can be used to install FreePBX iso

OK, I have a small atom based PC that doesn’t have a CD/DVD drive. I would like to try the FreePBX iso on a USB drive, but it fails on Boot. I used unetbootin to create the USB drive, and the USB drive works fine for UBuntu.

Is there a good way to move the ISO file to a Thumb Drive and boot it to get a system up and running. Thanks…

I have unetbootin and I’ve tried a variety of iso files. I will try the PBX in a flash version mentioned. I was aiming for the FreePBX iso, but PIAF is a good choice too.

You could try that, but i you would like to stay with FreePBX Distro possibly this wil help

It explains a little further the steps to take when prepareing the USB stick, more even on the changes to the kickstart .ks files maby you could use it on the FreePBX Distro.

Maybe someone fron FreepPBX distro can chime in, possibly even supply some ks files ?


You could try using unetbootin, with this u can put an ISO on the USB stick, only the ISO needs to support the USB drive boot and install, you may need to tweak the ks scripts in the root of the CD

Download from

I have done it with another distro, look here

have fun,