How do I use the 'Asterisk Phonebook' in the 'Caller ID Lookup Sources'?

I’ve added several numbers to the Asterisk Phonebook. I’ve setup the Caller ID Lookup Sources to use the ‘internal’ source, yet I don’t get the name on the caller id. Help?


Enable these modules:

Caller ID Lookup
Phonebook Directory

Set up a CID lookup source. I called mine the asterisk phonebook as I have the Source type set to internal.

Under your inbound routes set the CID Lookup Source to asterisk phonebook

If you set up an entry in the asterisk phonebook, whatever you enter under name should now override. So you can customize things, so 5555551234 will display “Mom” or whatever

I have setup a similar configuration but it does not work. Is there anything else that needs to be enabled ?

Thanks that really helped me out.