How do I simply play an announcement and hang up?

I need the ability to play an announcement and hang-up when I get the voicemail for someone I am trying to call. With another system I simply created an IVR with 2 instructions - 1. play recording, 2. hang up. Worked like a charm. I just set up IVRs and attached them to extensions that I could transfer to.

I cannot figure out the simplest way to do this with FreePBX. Additionally I would like to be able to do this programatically by sending a command on a button click within another program.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

You need to use two FreePBX modules, System Recordings and Announcements. System Recordings is where you upload your recording(s), and Announcements is where you make that recording a “destination” that can be used in an IVR, etc. In your case, when you create the Announcement, you would make the “Destination after playback” Terminate Call: Hangup.

Now, if you are wanting to play this instead of going to Voicemail on a specific extension, the easiest way is to create a Follow-Me for that extension. In the “Follow-Me List” just put the number of the actual extension, set the Ring Time for the time you want the extension to ring before going to the announcement, and then in the “Destination if no answer”, make the destination your Announcement. So instead of going to voicemail it will play the Announcement and then terminate the call and hang up.

I’m afraid I don’t quite understand what you mean by, “Additionally I would like to be able to do this programatically by sending a command on a button click within another program.”

Thanks. It’s working.

What I meant by handling this programmatically is the following. I can manually click the transfer button in my soft phone, but I would like to accomplish the same action by clicking on a button within another browser based program. We have a custom database that has all our clients in it. We can use click to call, but I don’t want to have to find my soft-phone and click transfer and enter the extension. Instead I would like this action to be programmed into a button that will execute the transfer upon clicking.

Thanks again for your fast reply.

You can accomplish this with the Asterisk AMI. It will require programming, but it is a simple text and TCP socket based connection.

Full documentation on the AMI is available at

Your application will have to associate web users with extensions, find the active call for that extension then execute a transfer on the channel.