How do I set up a sip trunk if there are several DID numbers in it?

There are no problems setting up a trunk with one number, what about when there are several of them? There is a “Contact User” parameter in the trunk settings, in fact it is a DID number, but only one can be entered.

The trunk creates the connection to your provider. You then use Inbound Routes to specify each DID that can be used on your system.

As @adell4444 already stated, your provider uses the same trunk for all calls. You control what happens to the calls outside of the trunk settings through either Inbound or Outbound routes.

Then I have a problem. All calls are perceived as a call based on one DID specified in the Contact User field. The logs show that the operator sends DID numbers correctly, and FreePBX identifies all calls only by the first one (which is specified in the Contact User field). Incoming routing is configured, but since FreePBX identifies calls to only one number, incoming routing also works on a single number. If I change the value of the Contact User field, the situation changes similarly, now incoming calls are received to this number. If we leave the Contact User field empty, then FreePBX does not understand where to send the call. That is, for some reason, FreePBX cannot extract the DID number from the information sent by the operator.

Try setting Context for your trunk to

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Great. It helped me. Thank you very much!

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