How do I set the "Geolocation" header for an extension?

Telnyx (and maybe others) allow you to send them a Geolocation header in the SIP Invite to dynamically tell the carrier which 911 address to use. Telnyx provides a unique ID to use as the value of that header.
This would be used instead of having to use a separate DID for every extension.

Where, in FreePBX, would I actually find that Geolocation field to set a value in it per extension?

I don’t think you would. You would need to add it as custom dialplan.

Ok, thank you, that gives me a good start at least.

This is not the same. You can do both a static geolocation, meaning you submit the location and it has an identifier like “Ext200FL1RM200” and you can do realtime/dynamic which requires all the location details to be sent in content body. The Asterisk geolocation is the latter.

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