How do I remove "Via:" displayed during inbound call?

When our office receives an inbound call from our SIP trunk, our phones (various Aastra models) display “Via: xxxxxxxxxx” after briefly displaying the CID.

Our phone usage is simple enough to where we don’t need to see what number the call is by way of-- It’s always the same number. Having a longer chance to catch the CID is more important to the phone operators here.

Is there a way to disable the “Via:” display?

We are running the following versions

Asterisk 14.7.5
PBX Firmware: 12.7.5-1805-2.sng7
PBX Service Pack:

That’s an Aastra issue. Nothing in FreePBX/Asterisk will make a phone display the Via header. The phone has to be actively looking for and parsing that header to display on the phone.

Unless he added a Prefix somewhere… Which you can find in the logs.

@PitzKey This has nothing to do with the actual CallerID of the caller. That is displaying fine. What @grimtech is referring to is:

Caller dials into 13135551111 to FreePBX, the Aastra phone is then displaying on it’s screen something like (as I haven’t had much experience with their phones) “Incoming Call Via: 13135551111” THEN it displays the CallerID information of the caller, prefixes set by the PBX and all.

So the displaying of the “Incoming Cal Via: 13135551111” is a phone feature that may be using the CONNECTEDLINE function Asterisk offers and FreePBX uses. The choice to display that information is part of the phone’s CallerID settings.

Since this is the phone making the display choice, it will not be in any FreePBX logs.

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This is a Mitel/Aastra configured feature. You should be able to modify this via the FreePBX EPM module > Basefile edit > Aastra.cfg

The thing is I’m not sure which parameter it is to change what you are asking.

You can look at the Mitel Admin Guide from here:

Mitel SIP Phone support might be able to identify which cfg parameter it is too:

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