How do I register a trunk without username?

Most of my SIP providers do not allow usernameassword for registration so in trixbox the trunk registration string was @

However in PIAF (FreePBX 2.8) the required registration string is [email protected]

If I send a blank username the registration fails. If I send @ then I get an error like

[2010-10-06 14:30:03] WARNING[19539] chan_sip.c: Format for registration is [peer?][transport://]user[@domain][:secret[:authuser]]@host[ort][/extension][~expiry] at line 8

What would be the correct syntax to register a trunk that does not allow a user name or password and authenticates via IP address (e.g. Cisco 5300 router)

You should really check with how to best deal with your situation.

If you setup an SRV record that your provide to them and keep it up to date, you should be ok for inbound.

For outbound they authenticate on IP address so if your address changes, you will have to change it in their portal so they accept your new IP address.

Thanks again. We did spend about an hour with support last week. The engineer stated that she could ping our PBX but got only 400 responses. Her conclusion was that we have a PBX configuration problem at which point we ended the conversation. Apparently we’re on our own here from their perspective. We’ll keep digging.

There’s always the paid support that is offered by FreePBX if you need someone to get on to your system and help configure your PBX as well as troubleshoot any network issues you might have.

However, you still have the issue that they expect a static IP address which you have to get around. trunks do not require registration, they authenticate based on your IP address which you need to setup with them, and calls are delivered to you based on your static IP address or you can choose to provide an SRV record.

You should be able to work directly with Customer Care to get your trunks setup if you are having problems.

The qualify= command is what results in your trunks showing online or not, and you probably want to set it higher than 300. (If you set it too low, and there is any sort of glitch, Asterisk will ‘qualify out’ your trunk and unless you have backup trunks, your calls will fail. Asterisk also has a tendency to sometimes not bring them back online after qualifying out (even though it should) once the latencies return to normal. So … although you don’t want a trunk to have long latencies, you don’t want some glitch that happens to return a long “ping” time to take your phone system down, unless, again, you have a backup trunk which you can use to avoid that.

Thanks Philippe.
OK, so our dev server is behind a Comcast residential IP address which although it seldom changes, we take the point re WAN DHCP and SRV record.
However, for an initial registration - which would seem to be the element we have not yet figured out how to accomplish - is WAN DHCP likely to be an issue?
Tom Nall

Hello all,
We are in the same preidcament

  • FreePBX v2.8.0.4
  • Asterisk v1.6.2.14
  • trunks purchased from Badnwidth,com, no registration string requried
  • have tried several combinations of commands & syntax
  • one set of commands does result in FreePBX Status showing trunks ONLINE
  • no registration and no calls in or out.

Below, the commands that result in “Online” status:
First SIP Trunk

Outgoing Dial Rules
Outbound Dial Prefix : +

Outgoing Settings
Trunk Name : BW-SIP-A
PEER Details :

Incoming Settings
USER Context : from-bandwidth-A
USER Details :

We are thinking that these commands may need an additional string like “fromuser=[OUR DID]” and that a modification to “context=from-truk” may result in registration and hence usefulness.

Can anyone here comment, please?
Tom Nall

THAT I did not know. No more warnings. Looks like we are ready to go live tomorrow. Thanks guys.

If you provider is tied to your IP address for authentication then registration is pointless.

You should just be able to send them calls and not require any registrations.

In this case you don’t need any registration string. Just leave it blank:

peer=some IP address
allow=whatever codec you want to use

That’s it…

nothing has changed (even between trixbox and other FreePBX distros).

All the registration stings are just past to Asteirsk. (Asterisk may have changed though on later releases, at least wrt to log warnings).

Not that it answers your question (and the answer may be you will have to live with hte warnings), but why are you required to register? Usually registration is there simply so the provider knows where to send your DIDs. As such, it also needs to know who you are.

If you are not providing any credentials then why are you being required to register at all? (There must be an angle I’m not quite seeing…)

to make outbound calls I need to have SIP trunks with my providers. To make a call I need to send a register string and none of my providers use username and password to authenticate. They simply allow calls from my IP ranges. With trixbox (Asterisk I can send the register string as @ without any error or warning. With the FreePBX system we built (Asterisk the same register string triggers a warning message.

I understand now this really got nothing to do with FreePBX but it’s a function of the asterisk version we are running but I am simply trying to do away with all errors and warnings before we go live with this system.

I guess the question should be how do I send a register string in asterisk without user name and password without triggering a warning message.

If the warnings are irrelevant then I probably can live with it but if there is a way to eliminate the warnings I’d prefer that.