How do I push a new IP to 20 linksys phones?

How do I push/update a new IP to 20 linksys phones?

The IP of my asterisk/freepbx server changed, and I want to update all my phones. Is there a way to do this automatically?

I expect it to change a couple more times throughout the year, so it would be nice if there was a way to update them all at once.


check out end point manager is 2.9 of freepbx

A couple of ways come to mind to me:

  1. Set up all the phones to use DHCP and TFTP. That way, all you need to do to force the change is reset the phones after you modify the TFTP config files.

  2. Use DNS - change the address of the “” server in the DNS, reload the DNS, and restart the phones. The old name will resolve to the new address, and your problem is once again solved.

Endpoint Manager is a good solution too, but it may be more trap than you need for this bear.

I have my router set to assign the asterisk server the same ipaddress based on it’s MAC address, so the internal IP will always be the same – 192.168.1.X

If all your phones are behind your firewall, this alone should solve your issue. Just program the ip into the phones.

If you have phones outside the firewall and you don’t have a static ip on your network (my case)use and program all the phones to use the url from dyndns instead of the ipaddress. You will also need to do some port forwarding in your router. Works great for me, and I’m able to take the same phone and use it in my house or office without reprogramming.