How do I master Fail2ban in FreePBX!?

Taken from this old tutorial…

Where in the user interface for FreePBX do I edit the content of this file!?

In FreePBX, most of the Asterisk conf files can’t be directly edited. You will want to look for a corresponding *_custom.conf file that exists solely for you to add your own edits. I will point out that the Logfiles module in the GUI will likely do what you are looking to accomplish by editing a file.

Thank you for your clear input. However, I still think I got no straight forward answer of how to master Fail2ban from within FreePBX / Asterisk / Fail2ban.

I have an endless stream of requests from unknown connecting IP’s… and I’m sure you have it all! :slight_smile:

Is there a clear users guide about how to master Fail2ban along with FreePBX or maybe I shall create one?

I don’t know of any recent guide that is actually helpful besides this one:

But it’s not focusing on Fail2Ban, so if you have enough time and are eager to write such a guide, that would be a great thing.

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