How do I let users look at the FOP?

Can I allow users to see the FOP?

When I browse to /menu.php?id=panel or /panel/ or whatever, it pops up a standard htaccess-style dialog which you have to input maint or wwwadmin before you’re able to see the FOP. I want to either add a login for FOP only, or allow FOP access without login, but without removing the password from the admin parts of the system.

I tried setting up a login in Basic > Administrators, but it requires me to set authtype to database, if I do that though then I can’t access ANYTHING because it stops accepting my normal passwords I set up until I switch back to authype none.

The link to your left documentation
assuming a bare metal asterisk / freepbx install and not some ISO like Trixbox which
needs more done to get it to work.

I forgot to mention I’m using PBX in a Flash, it’s already set up with an htaccess-style password dialog on everything, I want to get rid of that password for the FOP but keep it protecting the rest of the admin stuff.

Is there any seperate client program I can run on a PC which will show the status of the lines without the user having to log in to the web interface on the asterisk machine through their browser?

Yes. iSymphony will do it, and you can get a free 5 user license from them to test it out.

Alternately, you can edit the .htaccess file in the panel directory (or edit the options in the conf files – where ever the auth config is stored) to either turn off auth, or use a different password store. The drawback here is that future updates may revert those changes. I don’t know enough about PiAF to say for sure.

ASTassistant will also allow you to do this. Its Freeware.