How do I install Freepbx?

Hiya, I am wanting to install FreePBX on a VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosted by Sparked Host (sparkedhost[dot]com) and I can not find out how to do it anyway.

Please can somebody help?

There is an official ISO for installing FreePBX.

You’ll need to check with Sparked Host on how to install virtual machines on their infrastructure from ISO if there are no instructions anywhere online for that particular service provider.

Hehe, not so cheap comparatively but by their own words

What is the difference between Budget and Premium?

Budget and Premium run on different hardware. Budget is designed to be quick and easy. It is not intended to run a heavy workload; on the other hand, the premium is designed with despicable hardware. It offers more power to the VPS

You would certainly need to stay with there ‘Budget’ hardware,

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