How do I give FreePBX money?

Now that I got your attention. No joke. I want to donate some money to Do you have a paypal account?

Or how about some kind of sponsorship which means even more money for If not then I’ll just give you money and be done with it. Bottom line is I want money to go from me to you. Unless you don’t want it :wink:

Hey Mustard…Just send Philippe an email.

Since the project has a corporate sponsor for the web site and things like that why don’t you consider sponsoring feature development? The bounty system works great. I would join you in the effort, I have sponsored features in the past.

Thanks for the support.

What we usually recommend to people is purchase some support credits and than ask us to expire out the points. We have lots of users and companies that do this on a monthly basis. The FreePBX Dev team is who manages and handles the support site.

After one last try the payment went through so whatever was wrong was probably me.

I attempted this and was unable to complete a transaction. No matter what I did each time the page complained that something was missing and blanked out what I had already provided.