How do I get incoming calls to roll to the next extension if the first is busy?

Because of the pandemic, I have taken on a new customer that has an Avaya phone system with standard rj-11 type connections. I’m using a SPA8000 device to convert sip to analog. Now that I’ve moved them from copper, is there a simple way I can cause the first number dialed in to go to the first extension, and if that line is in use, it will roll to the next line/extension and so on? I could possibly be doing this wrong, but it was sort of an emergency transfer as the prior provider went out of business.
Any help or advice is appreciated.

How are you using the SPA8000? Have you connected phones to it to work as extensions or are you connecting the Avaya COs to it?

Create a ring group with all of your roll over lines. Set to first not in use and skip busy.
Point your did to the extension. Set call waiting off. Set busy/unavailable destination to the ring group.

Calls will ring first to the extension and if busy they will go to the roll over ring group.

The Avaya unit has an 8 port Analog card for incoming cards. They were previously connected to something similar that acted like a trunk which allowed hunt groups. I would like to configure something similar to that. I see that the SPA8000 has a trunk option, but I am ignorant on how to configure this device in a similar way on the server side.

So if there are 6 “lines”, I would create 6 ring groups? My concern is if someone randomly chooses line 4 for an outgoing call, how do I make the server aware that this line is in use?

No 1 ring group. Disable Call Waiting on all lines.
Set the ring group to first not in use and skip busy It will detect if a line is busy.

DID–extension–destination busy/unavail—ring group.
All to the same ring group.

I do this all the time with the spa8000. I dont use its hunt groups I just use freepbx in the method listed above.

SPA8000 has a built-in trunking function. Take a look at page 75 from the following PDF

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