How do I get a AIX2 trunk to dial out to vai another AIX2 Tr

I have configured 2 Trixbox Asterisk servers, and have a IAX2 trunk configured between them (works fine). How do I configure the one server to user the IAX2 trunk to dial the PSTN out the other server?


I have added the following to my Incoming settings:


But still no joy, do i have to change anything else ?

Thanks in advance

Thanks for the advice, got it all working.

one way to do it is to use ‘from-internal’ as the incoming context of the iax trunk who’s pstn lines you want to access. That means you will have access to all of its abilities. Another way is to create a unique context in place of from-pstn or from-trunk that gives it access to what you want. What you choose to include will be very dependent on the level of access you want to give.