How do i force a phone firmware update without user confirmation?[SOLVED]

hi, I am using current freepbx (13) with EPM. we just got a couple of Grandstream 2130’s in and set up a template. when i provisioned one, the phone noticed a firmware update (cool) but asked for confirmation from the user before applying. Is there any way to force the firmware upgrade on the phone with no user confirmation?


Use EPM to reboot the phones, normal practice would be for the phone to upgrade firmware upon reboot if a new firmware version is available.

frankb, thanks, i should have provided more info initially. this is what i did:
I created a template
associated the mac to extension to template

then i walked up to the phone a rebooted it from the front panel.

when it booted, i found its config and then found its firmware update. at that point it asked if I wanted to apply the update.

that confirmation is what I want to get rid of.


FYI to anyone wondering. It turns out I was not being patient enough. When the phone reboots and finds new firmware, it first asks the user if they want to upgrade…BUT…if you wait about 2 minutes, it will do the upgrade without any user intervention. so, i guess there is not problem here.