How do I downgrade a 2.9 installation to a 2.8


I have an old box that a client screwed up by accidentally updating to 2.9, I have automatic backups running so I should be good on all the data, but how do I move backwards to version 2.8 since 2.9 had numerous db changes.

The system is running Centos 4.8 and asterisk (I know they are old but it works). Would I be better off updating to Asterisk 1.8? Will 1.8 even run on Centos 4.8?


You probably can’t.

It’s possible that the backup module was backing up the FreePBX system files, but it probably wasn’t.

The easiest way to remedy this problem in the future is to make a disk image of the deployment using Acronis before you leave the site, or use a VMWare and make a backup of the virtual machine.