How do i do 3 way calling

hi, i am setting up a new freepbx 13 (patched). I want the users to be able to 3 way conference call. Initially, I thought that meant I needed to create a 2nd extension and add it to the phone as account 2…but now I am not sure.

could someone please set me straight. what is the right way to provide this feature?

thanks for your help!

Most SIP phones are capable of 3 way calling without a second account.
They have a conference button that you can press when on a call.

What phones are you using?

hi,thanks for taking the time!. I am using grandstream 2130’s. they do have a conference button, but I thought that needed to be used with a second line. so if i don’t need a second line, then how do i use that feature…is there anything i need to configure on the freepbx side?

thanks again

While on a call press the conference button, the party you are talking to gets put on hold, then dial the 3rd party and when answered press the conference button again. Voila, here is your 3 way conference.

No extra config in FreePBX required.

wow, ok, i am going to through out those extra accounts and see if things improve. thanks for the help

h, one other questions, setting 3 way calling aside for a minute, if users want the ability to receive a second call while on a call, do i need another account for that?

No. Just add the same extension on a second line key on your phone. When you receive a call while on the phone that line key will blink and you can pick it up by pressing the button. The other call will be placed on hold and be retrievable on the other line key.

great, thanks! i will try that

“3-way” is sort of self evident… but what is the max number of connected calls without resorting to the conference call system?

Depends on which technology is handling the call. If the phone is bridging the call, the limit is usually three. If the phone is setting up a temporary conference on the server, more.

The 3-way calling feature discussed in this thread is built into the SIP phone (the phone makes/receives two calls and bridges them together internally). With most inexpensive phones (Grandstream, Yealink, HTek, etc.) 3-way is the limit. Some phones e.g. Polycom can do 4 and I’ve seen a few that can do up to 6. Your phone’s documentation should tell you the limit.

With a typical device, if you are on a 3-way call and want to add a fourth participant it may be easiest to ask one of the other parties to conference him in.

Or, on most phones you can ‘split’ the 3-way call into two separate calls. Then, you transfer each of them to a conference bridge, call the 4th party and transfer him in, then call the conference yourself.

All of Sangoma phones handle natively 5 way calling.

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