How do I create devices


We are setting up flex offices. In every office I would like to have a yealink that has a fixed room number and 4 yealinks that are ad hoc devices. I have switched my freepbx to device and user mode because I would like to test the feature code part for users.

Now I would like to create the fixed room number/user and a new device. I can easily add a user through the user tab but creating a user doesn’t create a device which kind of makes sense.

Now I would like to create the fixed yealink device. When I navigate to the devices module I do not find a button that creates a new device.
I read that the endpoint manager (which I use) doesnt support this mode. I would think that if I create a new extension mapping that the newly created fixed room user would show up in the Extension/Name drop down list but it doesn’t.

In both modules I see a red warning telling me that I should not create or edit users and devices separately. But I can’t figure out how to create a new device at all. Is the button missing? What is the workflow when I want to create a new user and a new device and connect them?

Does anyone here have experience with this?

thank you

In the device tab, when pulling out the sidebar, you should see there an option to add a device.
IIRC, once you enabled devices and users, you should see new feature codes which allows you to login/out.

See the limited documentation:

Also, not sure if you are aware, with most Yealink phones you can do Hot Desking through PhoneApps.

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oh I didn’t notice thank you!

And how would you connect an endpoint to a device?

If you don’t see it, under advanced settings, enable ‘expose all feature codes’.

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