How do I close a stuck channel?


I’m running a system built with FreePBX Distro and have been getting an issue every so often where a channel remains open when the user has hung up. I’m trying to determine the cause of this which may be phone related, however, what I need to know in the meantime is how do I just close that channel without needing to issue amportal restart from the cmd line?

Here is the output of core show channels:

Channel Location State Application(Data)
SIP/260-00002362 [email protected]:1 Up AppDial((Outgoing Line))
1 active channel
0 active calls
5438 calls processed

Can I issue a cmd to close individual channels? If not, is there a way to bypass the timer using amportal restart as often I’ll check no-one else is on a call then issue amportal restart, but the problem is it then starts a countdown during which time another call may be in progress. I need to be able to bypass this timer if possible.

Thanks in advance


If you type “soft hangup” and enter from the asterisk cli then press tab, you’ll see a list of the active channels. Then press the up arrow. That will bring up “soft hangup” again. Then enter the channel number you want to close then press enter.

To restart asterisk from the cli with no wait, type “restart now”.


Hi Bill

Thanks for your reply.

I tried what you suggested and this was the result:

  1. Logged into asterisk by entering asterisk -r at the cmd line
  2. Typed soft hangup
  3. This was the output - No such command ‘soft hangup’ (type ‘core show help soft hangup’ for other possible commands)

Trying to restart asterisk from the cmdline without the wait timer also didn’t work, it still used the timer of 120 seconds.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance


Same issue here. Command “soft hangup” doesn’t work.

Search google for “Asterisk soft hangup” you will find the following link which has the correct command to use.

For anybody googling and finding this thread:

soft hangup:
Request a hangup on a given channel - in Asterisk 1.6.2: "channel request hangup "

To close all active channels:
channel request hangup all