How do I change images, like favicon

I want to change some images and the favicon.ico. When I change the favicon.ico to the older tango frog, it throws a security warning alert in the GUI. How do I satisfy this install that this favicon.ico is AOK?

Under advanced settings there’s a section for Styling and Logos which allows you to modify some of the styles, images and links.

You might also want to look at the OEM Program, it’s expensive, but if you need it, it exists…

# fwconsole setting BRAND_IMAGE_FAVICON path/to/your/icon

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This setting “is not found” after running this: fwconsole setting BRAND_IMAGES_FAVICON /var/www/html/admin/images/favicon.ico.

I believe this works on older versions, yet not PBX vers

None of this accesses the browser tab icon (favicon.ico).

Sorry, I made a typo. Fixed. (IMAGE not IMAGES)

Cool. And the command works, yet the error (Security alert) still comes up.

You need to restore the original file that you modified. I think fwconsole ma refreshsignatures should resolve it.

I don’t think that will restore the image you overwrote. You’ll need to pull that one back down (from somewhere) and add your own image that you then point the thumbnail at.

Since the file you’re trying to modify is one of the system files and you modified it, the warning makes perfect sense.

FIXED! You da man!
First I restore everything to normal:

  • restored original favicon.ico
  • did a refreshsignatures
    Now, all is back to before any issues. Security alert is gone.

Then, as you suggested, I did this:

  • copied my desired icon (tango.ico) to the /var/www/html/admin/images directory
  • chown to asterisk:asterisk, and chmod to 755
  • fwconsole setting BRAND_IMAGE_FAVICON tango.ico
    Now it all works fine with my desired icon.

How’d you get so smart?

While I don’t think this will be a problem, in general, I’d recommend you keep any customizations outside of the areas managed by FreePBX (generally speaking, the files and folders under admin). I don’t think a framework update would overwrite your file, but I could be wrong.

You could make a new folder under the www root (/var/www/html) to keep your custom files, then reference by path relative to wwwroot (set the BRAND_IMAGE_FAVICON to /customfolder/tango.ico for example).

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