How do i add a 1 to numbers in my missed and received call list

There must be a setting for this-right!

There might be a setting. We might be able to tell you if you provide the version of FreePBX, and Asterisk you are using. Was it a Distro install or built by hand. What brand and model of phones?

i believe we have
freePBX 2.1.0 rc3

polycom phones

You could just make changes to your outbound route dial pattern.

Phone user dials a 7 digit number, add a 1+555 (local area code):
(1555)+ | [NXXXXXX]/ ]

Phone user dials a 10 digit number, add a 1:
(1)+ | [NXXNXXXXXX]/ ]

Applications - Set CallerId, available in 2.10

Depster, OP is asking about incoming calls - missed and received.

Was thinking that the only logical need for seeing a 1 in front of the phone number, is so that one could scroll through the missed/received calls and just pick up the phone (or press dial) to return the call.