How deny inbound call if busy

Hi to all,

I’ve a simple inbound route that forwards the calls to an extension directly.

If the extension is already in-call (busy) I would to send back busy tone instead to have the call in queue.

any ideas?

thanks to all

You could disable call waiting and voicemail on that extension.

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Hello, I’ve already try to disable call waiting (voicemail was already disabled), but without success

What do you mean without success? If the call is directed to just that one extension then there is nowhere else for it to go if you have call waiting disabled. What happens with the call if it comes in while the extension is already on another call?

while the extension is in-call (busy), and another call come in, the same extension receive the call. If I deactivate call-waiting alert, the phone do not ring while busy but on the other side the pbx send normal ring tone, it should deny the call with a busy tone and terminate.

Please confirm that on the Advanced tab for the extension, Extension options, Call Waiting is set to Disable.

If that’s not your issue, paste the Asterisk log for an improperly handled inbound call at and post the link here.

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