How delete disabled AD user from user manager?

We are moving to another domain and would like to delete all the users that were set up under the original domain, but I cannot see a delete button anywhere. Is anyone aware of an option to do that in FreePBX or can I simply delete the users from the userman_users table in mysql?

FreePBX 12 or 13? In 12 you can edit each user and there is a link at the top to delete. In 13, list users and click the select box to the left of each and the red delete button at the top will allow you to delete.

Thanks for the quick reply. I’m running FreePBX 13.0.117. When I click on the select box (single user or multiple users), the only option that shows up is the blue Send Email button.

Here is a screen shot:

The red delete box does show up if I switch the Authentication Engine back to FreePBX Internal Directory

I ended up uninstalling the userman module and reinstalling it which removed all the users. I’ll see if this causes any other issues.

Lorne: Do you know if removing an AD user in FreePBX 12 worked? If so, I can submit a bug report / feature request for that to work in FreePBX FreePBX 13.

AD auth is not a feature I am familiar with. Will wait for @tm1000 to chime in here.