How configure outbound route for belgium provider?


I install freePBX with asterisk on my raspberry pi 3. The instern calls work well. But when I try make some other calls to my other number from my provider this don’t work. So I think this is a dial pattern problem. My voip provider is in belgium and I want to know how configure the outbound route in specialy the dial pattern for dialplan from belgium.

Config System:
Raspbian Stretch 9.1
Asterisk 13.18.3


Read about dial patterns in the FreePBX wiki:

For all other problems you need to provide call logs to identify the issue.

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You will need 9 digit calling for landlines and 10 for cell phones, you need exceptions for Liege

04[6-9]XXXXXXX which are cell phones
04[1-5]XXXXXX; Landlines in Liege
0[1-3,5-9]XXXXXXX; Landlines elsewhere

How to handle ‘special services’ codes is provider specific if available at all.

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@dicko, @avayax thank for these explanations.

I have one more question, if I want to make international calls ?


001[3,4]XXXXXXXX. ; Europ
007XXXXXXXXXX. ; Russu and friebds 0076.
oopp002XXXXXX. ; Southern Asetc. Avin Wikipedia /Google for more detsild be very careful of alliwing 002. 007 . and 00970.

Alright, I put this one directly in the field mentioned “match pattern”. I’m not divide the number (prepend, prefix and match pattern).

Your XXXXXXXXX and XXXXXXXXXX defeat all the work you did previously to ‘close’ the Belgian dialing , you will still have to wait five seconds for land line calls to complete. So you might delete them, but otherwise ,yes

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Thank @dicko.

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