How Can You Prevent Making Changes in Greetings and Settings in Voicemail module in the UCP (User Control Panel)

We just upgraded to FreePBX 12. Our goal is to prevent accidental deletion of the VM greetings and for someone to make changes in settings in Voicemail module in the UCP. If we go to the User Management, the option is to only either show or hide the Voicemail. We want to have a capability to play VMs but not to have a capability to make changes in settings and greetings. Anyone knows a workaround to prevent making changes in the greetings and settings in the VM in UCP?

BUMP! Really need to disable Greetings & Settings in UCP Voicemail (before our users hurt themselves) thx!

Both are options in FreePBX 13.

SSooo … should I just do the GUI upgrade to v13? Heavy production environment BUT not a lot of extensions and zero non-GUI customizations … yes i’ll backup v12 and do it on a weekend - safe?

If these options are Important, then I would suggest that the upgrade to V13 would be appropriate.

IN MY OPINION, the right approach to take would be to try the install on a new hard drive/server and check out the option if you are using the phone system in a production environment. You can use the Bulk Ingester (or whatever it’s called) to back up your extension config and upload it to the new server to see how that goes.

We did a workaround solution. Below is what we did and documented:

Because of the issue that users can easily delete or make changes with the VM Greeting in the UCP, we used the voicemail blasting feature. We also edited the extensions_override_freepbx.conf. It was blank and we added the following lines:

include => app-vmblast-custom
exten => vmblast,1(digits),ExecIf($["${DIGITS}" != “”],SayDigits,${DIGITS})
exten => vmblast,n(msg),ExecIf($["${VMBMSG}" != “”],Background,${VMBMSG})
exten => vmblast,n,VoiceMail(${GRPLIST:1},s)
exten => 1,n,Hangup

; end of [app-vmblast]

Reference: VM Blasting

Thank you all for your suggestions and insights!

– zippy114