How can show the DID number in a webpage or softphone?

There are ways to get caller number and name using CID Superfecta. In the Inbound Routes I’m using 10 DID numbers. All of that numbers allow to get any CID numbers calls. If we get call caller number display in my softphone. Like that I want to get DID number if we get a call. SO if there any way to get it for webpage like CID superfecta. or there has any soft phone for display caller number and DID number? or any database table that details save… CRD table only save that details call was ended. if there Any table has that call details save in the call is ringing?

thank you…


I’m not sure how you develop your app.
If you use DumpChan() you can find the variables you want to display in your app.

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thank you for the reply…
I want to display DID number on a webpage with the real time call will ringing… Or any if there any soft phone display CID number and DID number on the call will ringing?

I’m new to freepbx if is can possible get DID number using DumpChan() on the call will ringing please can you give me a guide for how can I use this DumpChan() to do my purpose…

How do you currently display the CID in your webpage?

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yet im not did that, still learning :confused:

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