How can I/we get more phone models certified in Phone Apps?

Curious about getting more phones added to PhoneApps.
There are some manufacturers and phone models that I like and really would like to have my clients using… but PhoneApps is one of those must have things… so I stick with what’s certified. But the list is getting old.

I recognize there might be some sort of financial thing like paying Sangoma some fee, supplying phones and a contact to support. What if I personally were to do that on behalf of a manufacturer and the FreePBX community?
I realize since it’s a commercial app… Sangoma still makes money off of the licensing fees and that’s ok. Your software, your rules.
I just merely want it working in the GUI, instead of hacking away at basefiles and config files to make it work.
There is no open-source PhoneApps like there is for EPM… so not like I can do anything on my own.

Can I supply Sangoma technical documentation, proving PhoneApps support for a vendor and models and where to place XML URIs and other parameters in config files?

If neither of those things are possible, what is the process for getting a vendor certified… who do I have them talk to and pay?

PM sent.

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