How can I upgrade FreePBX 13 to 14 or 15

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I need to know how to upgrade FreePBX and Asterisk can anyone help me about ?

I’m using version 13.

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Are you using the FreePBX Distro?

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Yes I do

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I got this ?


That is clearly documented in the article you followed.

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So what should I do ?

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There are a few options. In your position, I would set up a new 14 system and use this script to migrate your settings over to the new install:

You could also set up a new 13 system and restore a backup of your old system and then update the new system using the link provided above.

Edit 3 months later - now that FreePBX 15 is more mature, I would recommend setting up a new 15 system and restoring a backup from the 13 (or earlier) system. FreePBX 15 is the first version to support restores from legacy versions.

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I am not meaning to hijack this thread, but won’t 15 restore a 13 backup with some success?


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Yes that is an option as well. I frequently self censor in an effort to avoid making work for myself. I feel like those posing the same oft-answered question here, one that is addressed in great detail in the wiki, would not likely benefit from a plethora of choices.

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