How can I uninstall FreePBX?

Just that?

How can I do that? I wanna remove it completly.


There is no uninstall script of any sort. If you don’t plan on keeping Asterisk you can blow away everthing related to Asterisk and then remove everything under /var/www/html/admin and /var/www/html/panel. And drop the databases in MySQL. I think that covers 99.9% of it.

Ok, thanks, but I just want to remove FreePBX, so, I have to remove:



Edit: If there isn’t uninstall script, that is something to fix in the future.

It’s Open Source, we would welcome someone submitting an uninstall script for review and inclusion :slight_smile:

The FreePBX install script not only copy files to /var/www (free tip --> /srv/www/htdocs on SuSE) but also screws badly with /etc/asterisk.

The question is: where are the original files and where do we copy them to get the original non-FreePBX Asterisk working again?

The original files get overwritten. There is no way to restore originals. You’d either have to delete everything in /etc/asterisk and then run make samples (from asterisk) or start over.

I think “screws badly” is a pretty harsh term. Isn’t the whole point of freepbx to control and manage that directory?

I apologize for the harsh term. Indeed, it was.

But, if I may suggest, I still think that the FreePBX install script could backup all files of an already working Asterisk on a subdirectory inside /etc/asterisk/. I guess it would be easy to do.

Again, sorry for the harsh word. The mixture of my “engrish” and bad days at work can lead to inappropriate language, friction and misunderstandings sometimes. Please, I do beg your pardon.

I install only Asterisk, in first time.
Later install freepbx, at this time, in /etc/asterisk directory was created a sub-dir “backup” with my originals xxx.conf
I hope help somebody.

Also can use this

Those are instructions to remove FreePBX, yes. But they do nothing to restore asterisk to its previous configuration, which was my point.

But, after thinking about this for a few months, I’m beginning to think that there’s no point in doing that. Most of the time, at least.