How can I string multiple IVR's together and have FreePBX/Asterisk not break?

My problem is that I have, well I have two issues actually…

Problem #1 I have several IVR’s strung together and the last on in the chain fails to respond to DTMF tones.

Here is the setup:

Inbound DID/Trunk --> Main IVR (this splits out to one of three other IVR’s depending on the company the caller wants to reach) --> Ring Group (I’m the only one in the ring group) --> Destination if no answer in Ring Group is set to an IVR that gives options for my VMB (press 1 to leave a message, press 2 to go back to the main menu, press 3 to try dialing my cell phone)

It is this last IVR that will not accept DTMF commands.

Actually, I’d love to find a good discussion on what the best way to string all this together (IVR’s, Ring Groups, Extensions, Misc Destinations, etc)

Problem #2 I have two Inbound DID’s from Les.Net that two Vonage Numbers are forwarded to. One is my home number and one is my one is my business number. I have two main IVR’s. One for each number. The business line’s IVR works great (except for in the case explained above in problem #1). The Home lines IVR refuses to accept DTMF commands at all. Both Les.Net DID’s are configured exactly the same. Neither has a dtmfmode= setting at the moment but I did try =rfc2833 which did nothing noticeable and I tried =inband which broke the Business line IVR - and that is strange as I did the edit in the Home line trunk profile…

I’m a newbie so I’m not sure what config info anyone would need to see. Please advise and I will post whatever I need to.


you should be able to string as many IVR’s or other chains as you want together without breaking DTMF. The fact that you are having issues between the two otherwise ‘identical’ lines would hint at problems on your carrier side. Unfortunately the issues you are facing are some of the harder to diagnose ones from the description you have above and without really digging in and running a variety of troubleshooting tests to try and isolate what is going on. (And again - it sounds possible that it may be related to your carrier).

I have several installations that string multiple IVR’s together where they have to press 1,2,3 it takes them to another IVR with 1,2,3/etc and so on and haven’t encountered this issue.
I don’t think the problem is Freepbx. I have seen an issue where it says “I’m sorry that’s not a valid extension” if you do DTMF too soon in the recording (not sure why).
Have you watched /var/log/asterisk/full when you’re testing it?
A lot of time it will give you a clue.