How can I make my custom FreePBX modules have multiple tracks available?

Hey everyone!

I have some servers where I have FreePBX installed which have some custom modules. There are some situations where I would like to have different “Tracks” for these modules. Ideally, I want to have three tracks: Alpha, Beta and Production. I have my own version of “all-16.0.xml” much like the one located at mirror.freepbx dot org (sorry, I can’t post the link because I am a new user :face_with_spiral_eyes:), that gets called when I click “Check Online”. It is my understanding that the standard tracks are stable, beta and nightly.

For example, let’s take the “Blacklist” module. If I am in an beta server and I go to Module Admin and click on “Check Online”, I’d like to then go down to Blacklist and then select the “Beta” track and then proceed to download and install it. Then I can do other updates depending on what server I’m in.

I have kind of been able to figure out how to manipulate the .xml file to show extra tracks which have their own versions, but I have run into a couple issues:

  1. When adding <beta></beta> tags to the .xml file, the button is empty where I would want it to say “Beta”.
  2. I cannot seem to add more tracks other than stable and beta. I tried to use <nightly></nightly> and <alpha></alpha>, but neither of those worked. If I use <edge></edge> tags, all of the other tracks I have specified get superseded. I have also tried putting <track></track> tags into <blacklist></blacklist>, but that did not work either.

What are the tags and/or xml structure needed in order for me to make and use three different tracks? I have read all of the documentation, but there does not seem to be any information on this. Set Module Admin to Edge mode and Enable Module Track have both been set to “Yes” in my Advanced Settings. Any help would be much appreciated!

Image of issue:

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