How can I empty mail queue?

In Dashboard there is a notification 32 messages are qeued on ths machine and have not been delivered. I would like to empty Mail qeue, how could I do this?
Than you!

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That depends on what software is handling mail on your system. Typically is either postfix or sendmail.
Just googling ‘postfix clear queue’ would show lots of examples on how to clear the queue.
Though I would be more concerned about why are they stuck in your queue - these could be perfectly good emails stuck due to some temporary issue on the internet; or maybe you are using a mail relay and that is having issues at the moment.

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My freePBX rns on a NUC box with a linux distro. How can I find the mail server?
I think they stack when I changed email address from gmail to something else. I don’t mind so much why they stuck, I just want the flame to go away from my dashboard.

rpm -qa | egrep ‘sendmail|postfix’
would show if you have sendmail or postfix installed (most likely postfix). Though there are other possiblities these are the big 2.

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postsuper -d ALL

deleted all qeued mail, thank you for help!

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