How can I edit my iax.conf and sip.conf from the web gui?

Just installed the new version of FreePBX and it tells me that I can edit my iax.conf and sip.conf from the web gui … for the love of God, where? I can not find where …
Can some one give me a light on this?
Thank you all…

William H.
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First of all, I do not suggest you alter sip.conf or iax.conf from the gui or any other way. Put things in _custom.conf like files. Otherwise use Terminal on a Mac and ssh in, edit with nano: nano -w /etc/asterisk/sip_custom.conf -or- nano -w /etc/asterisk/iax_custom.conf On a PC, same commands... Only you use "Putty" to ssh in.


EDIT: You can use Java SSH too. 

Hello all …
I was using Asterisk and had the freedom to edit the iax.conf and sip.conf (for tuning qos). I installed FreePBX and now I am no longer supposed to edit them directly.
My question is, if I want to change the setting for the iax.conf and sip.conf how do I do that? I would like to know that I am still in some control of what I want the iax.conf and sip.conf to have.
Can some give me a light on this?

I have the latest FreePBX version.

Thank you all.

if you look at sip.conf, it includes a bunch of custom files (which are normally empty). if you wanted, for example, to change the tos fields, which are currently defined in sip_general_additional.conf, try putting your new values in sip_general_custom.conf. do not change files that don’t have the “custom” in the name, as they can be overwritten.

Hi there,

Just looking at a few changes to sip_general_custom.conf and am wondering if I need to remove the leading # in the include command in sip.conf for it to be included. Thanks so much.


no, as the top of the sip.conf file states do NOT edit that file.

The # is a part of the include command