How can I delay extensions in a ring group?

Hello community,

I’m looking for a way to add extensions to a ring group after a delayed time without displaying a missed call message on the already ringing extensions.

For example:
We have two extensions which should ring first. They are normally able to pick up the phone with in a certain amount of time. After 15sek or so I want to add additional extensions to the ring group so they can pick up the phone. Until now I did this with a second ring group which I added as “Destination if no answer”.
The problem with this is that the extensions ringing the first get a missed call on their yealink phones whenever it switches to the second ring group. Is there a way to prevent this and if yes how?

This is a commercial module, although it, presumably, uses Asterisk queue member penalties and its queuerules.conf.

Thanks for the advice.
I took a look into queue and their penalty rule. I stumbled across an old forum entry which said: “It will never try the next penalty group if 1 or more agents with a lower penalty are available.”
If that’s true queue wouldn’t work for me since I need to ring the other extensions no matter if the extensions in the first group are in a call or not.
Is there any different way?

I believe you can do this with three ring groups.
Extension List: the two extensions to ring first.
Ring Strategy: ringall
Ring Time: 40 seconds

Extension List: the remaining extensions to be rung.
Ring Strategy: ringall
Ring Time: 25 seconds

Extension List: the above two ring groups, with # after each group number
Ring Strategy: memoryhunt
Ring Time: 15 seconds
Destination if no answer: voicemail or as desired.

Point the Inbound Route to ring group #3.
Calls will first ring the first two extensions. After 15 seconds, the first two will continue to ring and the remaining phones will start ringing. After another 15 seconds, the call will go to voicemail.

This is difficult. With phones that understand “answered elsewhere” you can suppress all the missed call notifications, but you can’t suppress it on just those that weren’t ringing when the call was abandoned by the caller or timed out.

Given that, you could probably use local channels and include Wait’s in some of them, but that is a pure Asterisk solution, and is incompatible with queueing.

Thanks for your recommendation stewart1.
It actually did work and added the extensions from my second ring group as intended. But it does stop ringing on my first two extensions for around a second before they all start ringing again.
This causes the yealink phone to show a missed call which I want to prevent.

Sorry, I don’t know whether that’s a bug or a limitation of the implementation of memoryhunt.

I don’t see a missed call with Follow Me delayed ringing to other extensions. Perhaps you can use that, though with two phones to ring initially, you’ll need to use a second line appearance if the phones need to be separately addressed for other applications.

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