How can I connect a analog line to a virtual FreePBX server

I have a vertual FreePBX server setup i want to use the line that spectrum provides through my cable internet and phone package. I have a Grandstream HT814. can the HT814 do what i am expecting? and how do i do this. or do i need other equipment.

The HT814 is not useful for your application. It has 4 FXS ports. An FXS port emulates a phone line and connects to a phone. You could use the 814 to connect analog phones to your PBX as extensions.

You need a device with at least one FXO port, which emulates a phone and connects to a phone line.

Suitable gateway devices include Grandstream HT813 (current) or HT503 (old), Cisco/Linksys SPA3102 (old) or SPA3000 (really old), or Polycom/Obihai OBi212 (current) or OBi110 (old).

If this is an on-site (not cloud) server and has a compatible chassis, there are FXO cards available.

Other options include getting a SIP trunk with a local number and forwarding your Spectrum line there.

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