How can i change the dialplan from freepbx local extensions?

i want to call Stasis() whenever any of my local extension are called, so far i understand i have to modify the dial plan, but since freepbx generates its own dial plan i have to use extension_custom.conf

so far i have used extension_conft to add this


include => channel-dump

exten => 66,1,stasis(Channel-dump).

but it only works for a non created extension 66 and if i try to use freepbx created local extensions it overrides it and wont make calls.

so is there a way to call Stasis(channel-dump) for all extensions, so when i receive a call, it gets to the asterisk ari and the call keeps going?

This is generally done with a proper module splicing in to the extension dial. You can look at blacklist for an example but that hooks inbound routes