How Blacklist menu works?

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I’m still looking for way to block everybody option to call any number in my system.
there are only SIP accounts in system (1000-1020,2000-2020)
i try to type like 2002 in blacklist menu, but number 2002 still can call and be called. I try also *30 *31 and *32 numbers, same outcome. I literally need to be like:

  1. all users from my system can call numbers that are for IVR or mandatory (let say 1000-1020 for clearance)
  2. Only 1001 can call rest (2000-2020) openly
  3. User can call IVR number to tell, from now everybody can call me.

I try couple scripts and protips from internet and none works, please help

(Itzik) #2

Blacklist is for external calls

If you want to restrict from the IVR, you can select a directory in that IVR and only extensions specified in that directory will be able to be dialed.

If you want ext to ext blocking, you’ll have to write a custom dialplan. is a good start

(Jared Busch) #3

Sounds like he needs “house phones”


Sorvani , I’ll have to check my history , but i do know i made house phone using [Custom Contexts] . By adding a Custom Context, I was able to restrict a phone,to making 1800 and local calls only


Yes it can be done. In Custom Context # Add Context …# give a name to Description and Context …# Deny all…# in the Dial Rules box add the number that this extension is allowed to dial [1800nnnnnnn], # now in Extension(nmb)>Advance> Edit Extension>Custom Context you’ll see a drop down box, select the one you wish to apply to this Extension