How are "Alert Info" inputs supposed to work?

When editing DIDs, IVRs, ring groups, etc there’s an input to enter “Alert Info” that says to double click to see options, but this is not populating on any of our systems. The HTML shows an empty <datalist> element after the input.

Supposing I’ve entered two different Alert Info strings (one in an inbound route and one in an IVR) should I expect to see those populated in a dropdown list when, for example, I try to edit a ring group? I vaguely seem to recall seeing this working once long ago during beta testing but haven’t tried it since then.

the alert info field is what is used to have the phone use a distinctive ring tone. most phones (but not all) support the Bellcore setting where x is a number, i.e.

Bellcore <dr3>. 

if you have entered alert info in both the inbound route and one in the ivr, the ivr will take precedence. i noticed in the later systems, if you double click on the alert info field, you do get a list of alert tones to chose from but they appear to be unique to the sangoma phones.

The field will be populated only if you have endpoint manager and sangoma phones. Otherwise you will have to type it manually every time.

I’m trying to get this to work as well.

I’ve got
Endpoint Manager 13.0.105
S700 Firmware

When I select any ringtone other then default, I just get the dialing ring you get from placing a call. When it’s left as default the pre-selected ring in Endpoint Manger will ring.


Strange. There’s no logs here.

I did some more testing. My custom ringtones were screwed up. I’ve since fixed them, and everything appears to be working correctly now.