How activate and deactivate the Voicemail and do external forwarding with feature codes

dear community,

i have a problem:

is it possible do activate and deactivate the voicemail for a main number via feature code?
my setup: inbound route (with the main number), and this route goes to a ring group.

and is it possible to activate a external call forward for the main nuber with a feature code?
currently i can do this only with the feature code for a extension.

i want control 1 and 2 via feature codes. is this possible, or not?

how i can solve that correctly? without access to the freepbx interface

thank you very much

many greets

  1. Why would you want to deactivate a Voice Mailbox? [What are you trying to accomplish?]

  2. You can do that with call flow control.
    Normal Flow - Set to your Ring Group, Override Flow - Set to something that will forward the call, like a Misc Destination or Follow Me.
    (you can have a feature code and BLF key)

Hello Itzik,

thank you for your reply.

my main goal is the following:
the main number should always reachable and should do a ring all on all extensions.
if i go home, i want activate with my phone the voice mail.
next day if i come back to office, i want disable the voicemail (that all extensions rings).

and sometimes i will not activate the voicemail, rather a external call forwarding.
that means: the main number should only be redirected to my goal number.
and if nobody takes off the call, then it should redirected to the voicemail.

another question: if i activate a ring group,
why i dont see the feature codes in feature codes list?
have done apply settings.

is that possible?

thank you very much

As far as i understand, you want to customize the destination for your Inbound Route to sometimes hit your Ring Group, External Number or Voicemail.

You can probably do the Following:
Point your inbound Route to Call Flow Control A, Normal Flow = Ring Group, Override Flow = Call Flow Control B.
Call Flow Control B, Normal Flow = Misc Destination or a Follow Me that calls your external number, Override Flow = Voicemail.

I suggest you reading through the following Wiki’s Call Flow Control, Misc Destinations,Time Conditions

Which feature code are you looking for? i see all my feature codes in the list.

Hello Itzik,

thank you very much. that have solved my problems, like a charm!

but now i have one other question:
i have 2 inbound routes.

one goes to the mail queue (where i have 3 (from 4) extensions dynamic active).
the second route goes currently to a ring group (a 2nd official number).
in this ring group are all 4 extensions. that means, if any calls the 2nd official number,
all 4 extensions always rings (although the 3 dynamic agents have maybe (2) logged off).

that means:
if any calls over main number 1 to the mail queue, here all works fine (because the extensions can be logon and logoff from the queue).

but now if over the 2nd number the call comes in, all 4 extensions ring (because theres no queue).

so my problem:

main number1: all extensions should ring (except the logged off agents). queue?
main number2: only 3 from 4 should ring (except the logged off agents). queue?

my main question:
can i activate a module for the 2nd incoming route that the ext no. 4 rings and the call should goes additionaly to the queue 1 that i never disturb the extensions they has logged of from queue?

sorry for my bad description… its not easy for me

thank you very much

many greets

So i understand the following:

You have 4 Extensions
You have two Inbound Routes.

Route-A goes to a Queue where 3 Extensions are Dynamic Agents.
Route-B goes to a Ring Group where all 4 agents are in the Group.

So now, what are you trying to accomplish? Please explain.


hello Itzik,

yes thank you.


Route-A -> goes to the Queue with the 3 Members (dynamic Agents).
Route-B -> goes to the Ring Group where are all 4 Extensions (Members).

Now my Problem:
If on of the 3 Members (from Route-A) has *45 (logged of from Queue), his Extension Rings if a call comes from Route-B.

But i need this like:
Route-B -> should goes to the Single extension NUmber 4 AND to the Queue where i have my 3 members.

Otherwise if any from my Members has logged off from the Queue, it rings because the ring group from b fires directly to the extensions…

how i can manage this correctly?

the background:
main number01 = site a. there are 3 phones. they want log on and log off. number01 rings on the 3 phones (not on the 4th ext 4).
main number02 = site b. there are 1 phone. number02 must ring on extension 4 and on the other 3 phones but must goes into the queue (beacuse the agent login and logoff (disturbtion)).

do you know what i mean?

thank you!

In other words. You want that if a Agent logs off from the Queue he should also not receive calls from Route-B, this is what you meant?

If so. Then create a second Queue for Route-B, add the 3 agents from Route-A to the Queue as Dynamic Agents and the 4th as static. Once they will dial *45 it will automatically log them in or out from both Queues at the same time.

(*45 Logs in or our from all Queues where the Extension is a dynamic member)

You can read more how the login/off works in the wiki, also if you want to login or logoff from one Queue only, it’s all nicely explained.

Hello Itzik,

thank you so very much. This was my main problem.
i have searched (as i have created a new queue) the 2nd command to log off an log on the agent on queue 2.

one last question:
is there a possibility to activate the call flow control so: *280 e.g.1? i mean on = *2801 and off= *2800?
Or can i combine one command like *123 that does:

  1. *280 = on and *281 = off ? in one command?

thank you very much you helped me so much! thank you!!

I believe it’s possible, but you will need some custom code for this.

Thank you very much!

If you setup a BLF key for *280 the key will lite when the call flow is active and go off when inactive. All it takes is a button press to go from active to inactive and Vice Versa. We do this all the time with Call Flows

He wants to flows to change the state with one feature code.

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