How about developing a simple way of calling SIP phones

I’m not sure where to put suggestions, but I was wondering if FreePBX could be updated so that a common user in an office could add a sip phone to their speed dials or some other method so that they can easily call addresses like sip:[email protected] or sip:[email protected]. I know you can code it into the extensions, but it would make me happy for a non-coder to be able to call one of these numbers from their SPA942. w/o having to put in a request to the person supporting the Asterisk based system to update the code in the extensions.conf files. Of course if there is already a way of doing this, nevermind (after you clue me in… )

I could be wrong but…

Users aren’t supposed to deal with sip URI’s. Instead, you should just dial their main PSTN number, and let ENUM take care of the voip routing.

Now users are only dealing with digits, they can already assign themselves speed dials on their phone and asterisk using star combos.’ don’t have to change anything other than go to and register their numbers there.

You just have to add an ENUM route before your trunks.

I understand that on a traditional phone system, this would never come up. And the ENUM is a great option, assuming ENUM doesn’t die out. But it’s not totally un-natural these days to need to get to a sip URL. I need to do it all of the time to get to zipdx. I had it setup but switched to another system and haven’t set it up again yet. I just wish there was a way. One way would be to be able to put it into a contact list/address list.

If you want to suggest a feature, you’ll want to use the FreePBX Trac system.

Some SIP phones can support direct sip dialing on their own, already.

If all of the SIP calls are to a numerical value @ the same domain, you could create a custom trunk with this dial string:

sip/[email protected]

And then create an outbound route that requires a prefix, i.e. 83, and cuts the prefix and sends to the custom trunk. For your dial patter, you’d use:


So, a user could dial 83 + 2125551212

And it would go out to:

[email protected]