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I have a customer who has gone behind on their bill and need to suspend their services. My thought was to reroute all their outbound calls to said recording stating that their services have been suspended. Cant locate how to do this in freepbx.


What about disabling the outbound trunks and setting the “Optional Destination on Congestion” in the outbound route to some announcement?

That is actually what i did to test, but didnt know if there was a simple check box, with send all calls to this extension option… Im trying to think bigger picture such as an office phone that should ring a receptionist or something, but i quess you can change to whom that extensions congestion route call goes to. nice thing is it still allows you to call within the PBX system. reroute all inbounds, and everything will be set when the 1st hits.

Thanks for allowing me to bounce the idea off you.

Not sure there is a check box for Deadbeat Customer. I guess you could save yourself a step by making a second trunk and disabling that permanently so that all you have to do is go into the outbound route and change the trunk that is used to the disabled one. But then you still have to move the inbound routes to go to some announcement as well.

Not sure how best to scale that up if you have a lot of clients that you need to shut off at once.

Well you would want to make sure that you have your emergency outbound routes on their own separate routes and trunks (I wouldn’t want to potentially be liable for blocking an emergency call). If it were me without having to get in and build anything in a config file, I would create a custom Trunk, and a past due extension, that you can add a follow me to or call forward directly to your customer service number for payment (hotline). in the custom trunk dial string you would put Local/5001 assuming 5001 was your Past Due extension. If you are running multiple customers on this PBX (not our current recommendation, but we know it happens) you can also look at adding the Class of Service Module, this would allow you to quickly add extensions to a “Past Due” class that only allows e911 routes and hotlines all other calls to your custom trunk, and to your customer service department.

I would also suggest that within the GUI you could set a prohibitative “accountcode” like “denied” on the extensions you want to so deny and use your newly written [macro-dialout-trunk-predial-hook] in /eetc/asterisk/extensions_custom.conf to isolate your “dead-beats” where the extension’s CDR(accountcode)=‘denied’ and then play them zapateller and your announcement and then a hangup as a onetime but “persistent over any random extension if so tagged” solution until they pay their bill (as Preston suggested, strip off 911/112 before you do that)

Yeah, if you want to get fancy, you can actually do a soft notice, playing an announcement that they are past due, and then routing the call out the trunk as normal, using predial-hooks as @dicko recommended, you could even set it to send you (or them…lol) an email every time they tried to place and outbound call. Lots of things you can do with dial plan.

Got this one all taken care of, however now have a different problem that i cant figure out. Brought on a new inbound DID provider, as one of my customers has some 800 numbers, and bulk911 is very competitive for their 800 service. the inbound call hits my PBX, but i get the dreaded, number is not in service. I have 30 other inbound routes and 6 other trunks, and none of them have given me issues anywhere close to this. have deleted trunks/routes still no luck.

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