Hotel (PMS) interfaces

I’ve come across a product by the name of P$X ( that claims to act as middleware between Asterisk/FreePBX and a hotel property management system – specifically MICROS Opera. This would allow CDRs to be posted back for billing, reset voicemail on checkin, and other things that hotels like to have.

However, I can’t find a single mention of anyone actually using it. All I find is a bunch of company-written press releases, messages on forums from single-post user accounts, and mentions from “partners” all singing its praises. All signs point to vaporware.

So, just wondering if anyone has used their product, or knows of someone who has, or if anyone knows of a similar product out there? Thanks for any pointers!

I can’t comment on the software, but if all you need it VM’s reset and CDR records, you may be better off writing a small script that will delete VMs on checkout and read the CDR database for billing…
Build a simple web interface around that or integrate with your existing solutions and voila.

There is this OSS project.

and there is the commercial module:

Clearly you’ve not dealt with one of these property management system vendors – consider yourself lucky! It’s like IBM or AT&T circa 1968. You don’t just connect to a PMS, you have to have a “certified interface”, and pay them thousands of dollars to let that interface connect to the system. TCP/IP if you’re lucky, but many properties are still on serial interfaces. It’s all very ugly.

Interesting looking project, but front desk staff at a busy hotel will not want to be bringing up web pages and pushing buttons. They want everything done with one touch, which traditional PBXs are very good at offering.

Or, in the “picture is worth 1000 words” department,

We need a serial interface the looks like a Mitel to the PMS system.
One serial port for the PBX and one to send out the marked up smdr data.

I took a looked at the above listed software and it will not work for most hotels. It’s more of a unit for hotels without a PMS system.

We need to find a better option.

I know of no such option out their. Sorry.