Hotel module for freepbx

Hello all,

is there a solution for a hotel module to freepbx ? :slight_smile:

We will be releasing our Sangoma Property Management solution soon. You can contact sales through for more information.

Hi James!

Is it possible it might already have been released?

I saw a notice about a new module (if I am not mistaken) yesterday… I wanted to install it to at least see what it was about but it had one or multiple dependencies on other modules I have disabled so I did not…

(I disable every module which requires a licence which I don’t have…)

Have a nice day!


It is in our edge repo because QA is going through it. I don’t know how the licensing etc works on it. That is why I directed to sales because they would have those answers

Hi James!

Good point, I am indeed running Edge…

Maybe I should install it, I am curious to see if Franck (which I believe developed it) remembered what we talked about about using regionalisms… **

Have a nice day!


** Some words do not have the same meaning depending on where you are in the world and these are best avoided and replaced by words or combination of words which do mean the same thing the world over.

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You got it. Franck works for Sangoma now. @danardf

Ok good , i know frank danard :slight_smile: good for me i’m waiting a version of roomx to freepbx :))))

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I know, I saw the Sangoma logo over his name months ago and actually congratulated him about it… :wink:

What I was unsure about is if this new module was what he was working on…

When I saw that this module had a dependency on another module I am not licensed for (I deactivate all modules that need licensing and that I am not licensed for) I did not install it.

I knew that he was working on an hotel module because of some of the things he said when he initially introduced himself here and from the translation system.

(When I have some spare time I sometimes translate modules to French and while its sub-optimal because I cannot see things in context (because of the module licence) I sometimes translate commercial modules like this one…)

This is how I got a rough idea of what he was working on…

I pinged him about a few things I noticed which I hope he was able to address…


There are some words which have a different meaning in France than apparently everywhere else (including other European countries) so it is unsafe to use them and better to use other ways to say the same thing.

Something as simple as the names of the meals during the day can cause much confusion. An example of a similar problem in English is dinner


Something which can be used to describe both the noon or the evening meal should preferably not be used but be replaced by something more generic describing when it is eaten for example.

Now this could also be handled by many localized English translations but this would be a nightmare to maintain…

We have the same problem in French but apparently the different definition is specific to France or some regions of it (according to wikipedia)…

If you tell me the word used to describe breakfast in France (“petit déjeuner”) I will know which meal you are talking about (because I know that is how they call the first meal of the day) but for all the other meal names they will differ in meaning… Unless I remember that you name the meals as they are named in France, I will assume they mean what they mean elsewhere (ie “petit déjeuner” doesn`t exist and every other meal name is shifted one position).

Imagine the confusion if someone interprets this differently… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I hope he was able to come up with something which will be able to handle this gracefully…

Have a nice day!


Is this module no longer available on the edge track? I feel like it was for a short time and how I can’t seem to find it.

It’s still there. It’s named “Sangoma Property Management” now.

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