I am currently using Freepbx on a raspberry pi which has several trunks with different extensions and caller IDs, I know with other systems like Cisco they have features to login and out on phones (hot dealing) and found that there is an option for freepbx with endpoint manager for $149. Is there a cheaper way to setup hotdesking or any way to have hot desking or even to use the default *11 and *12 for logins and have them both on one line with bold so it lights up when you are logged in.

FYI: I currently use device and use setting.


FYI, I am not sure commercial FReePBX modules (EPM) work on Raspberry Pi’s, the are not supported commercially for sure. Device and user mode is hotdesking. As far as making a phone react in a certain way, I imagine that would be more on the endpoint side.

What phones do you use? If Sangoma, EPM is free of charge. There is also the open source equivalent OSS.

I recommend reading and following up with additional questions.

Both parts of that are “not supported”.

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