I know at one point with older versions of FreePBX we were able to hotdesk, but am I correct in understanding that today in FreePBX 13/14 we would need to use phoneapps?
Lastly, is there an updated support list for phoneapps ?

I would prefer to do this without phoneapps, but if that is my only choice, that will have to work.

Laslty, Sangoma phones provide hotdesking right?

Hotdesking while keeping FreePBX the way that it is would require Phoneapps, or you developing something similar.

You can switch FreePBX to Device and User mode to achieve a form of hot-desking

A large downside to this is there is no commercial moduel support. Certain non-commercial modules may only work with FreePBX in Extension mode. Be aware that some of the more advanced features that you may need could require rework in order to restore current functionality.

We side-by-side Avaya and FreePBX systems, and very much wanted device and user mode for FreePBX, but after months of testing, trials and frustrations in getting every component working just right, I can tell you, from a support and ease of use standpoint Phoneapps, or developing something similar will be much more cost-effective and supportable.

Sangoma phones do come with the phone apps (no additional cost).

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Thaks Comtech, not only for responding but sharing your experience/insight into this.
I do think it makes sense to keep it clean and as close to actual function as possible, so buying some phones for that task makes the most sense.

We use Sangoma phones with hotdesking. No issues so far.

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Thank you, I think that may be the simple solution going forward.

We tried hotdesking with Yealinks but it required using the SIP password to login. I think the Sangoma’s just require the voicemail password so it works more as intended.

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